Althought you can see some Swan typeface sketches here, there are also a few experimental pieces. By this stage, I had started creating the font in Illustrator, which would then be copied across to Fontographer when complete.

The second page is something I thought of on the train – if I were to create a cube typeface, I could make the capital letters a full cube, and the lowercase would have no left hand-side showing, so it would look like boxes sat next to each other. I hope that makes sense – I’m going to create a post about it soon so hopefully that will explain it better!

I think that most typographers have a letter which they like drawing the most, and which can become a catalyst for an entire typeface. For me, I thik it is probably the capital letter A. I have no idea why really – it might sound uncreative but it’s probably simply because that’s where the alphabet starts! You can see that I have tried incorporating some curved lines into a very rigid letterform, including trying to make it entire out of circles, including the serifs.

Much more swan stuff coming soon – have a good weekend!


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