Here are some general doodles in my sketchbook from November. You can see that I have the concept of my Swan typeface in my head while I’m doodling; the first image shows the first alphabet I drew for it. The second page sees me getting ahead of myself with some embellished uppercase letters!

The third page was filled when I was having a conversation with my tutor… If I ever draw letters while talking to you, I apologise! I honestly do it all the time, and hey maybe you just inspire me!

You can see that on the final page I am starting some problem solving… just how would a swash work with the letter f, which doesn’t have many opportunities on it to add embellishment?

Although a letter may look beautiful on its own when you design it, how often do you see a lowercase f standing alone? You must always consider how the alphabet you drawn interacts when mixed up as words. The fs I have drawn here would create spacing issues with the previous letter, which is why I dropped this idea.

After all,
“A great typeface is not a collection of beautiful letters, but a beautiful collection of letters.” — Walter Tracy


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