Ink Traps & Duck Wraps

Hello! I have finished my internship in Brighton with the Entente, and I’m now on the train home. I have a very specifically limited amount of wifi time left on this ridiculus train (6mins 37secs) so I’ll make it snappy…

Here is another look at what I’ve been doing this week… This is the typeface, featuring ink traps, which I have created on Fontographer. The grid which it’s laid out on is called the matrix.

Currently, I am happy with this typeface being uppercase-only, so all I have to do now is perhaps a bit more punctuation and sort out the kerning. Please let me know what you think! I am going to eat my train food now – a hoisin duck wrap. That’s what typographers eat.


In other news, please help me out… My blog has over 50 followers, nearly 50 comments and very nearly 1000 views – very exciting! Thank you so much for everybody who’s visited. To celebrate, I’d love to have some kind of prize/competition thing, anybody got any ideas? I’ve never done this kind of thing before! Thanks guys 🙂


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