Few more pages of my third year sketchbook – the final image is a few notes from a typography exercise; creating your own characters in different typographic styles. I’ll post my results tomorrow!


14 thoughts on “October2011

  1. Typography is something I would love to be able to do, sadly I can’t. Your designs are superb.

    Would you mind me sharing some of your work on my blog? I’ll link back to here.

    • I would love you to, thanks Dan! Of course I will return the favour (-:
      Well, if you do get time, I always suggest that people pick their favourite typeface, make it very large on the computer and try to draw it out themselves – you really learn a lot that way and you never know, it could inspire something!
      Thank you!

  2. love the negative space type. I’ve been trying to work out an identity for myself using form and counterform that way. (ps. you might want to think about having the images/links open in a new window! I closed it when I was done looking and then I lost your blog and had to go find it again)

    • Thank you! Interesting – I hope you post the results on your blog?
      Thanks for the tip – I didn’t realise they did that, so it’s great that you let me know (-: I’ll resolve it now!

      • yeah I’ll post it when I get there. PS do you have an opinion to the new layout? the tag function is less convenient, but I don’t even know if people click on tags, or if they just read everything in order

      • It”s very nice – I am a fan of Chank but a lot of people use it. I think it’s always good to have a change and keep your followers on their toes! I tend to click on the tags on peoples site, so I think it works well that you’ve got them.

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