Sometimes I like to make typefaces which are 90% concept and 10% legibility! It’s nice to take a step away from traditional letterforms and try something a bit new.

Here are two examples of these conceptual typefaces, which were done in my first year of uni. The first I have simply called Blocky, because it only took me a few hours and wanted to keep things simple!

It’s good to challenge yourself sometimes, and use problem-solving to create new concepts. Although not very legible, this was a good introduction into typography for me and was fun. Why not set yourself some restrictions and see what you come up with? I think it’s well worth it, even if you only end up with one letter you like.

The second typeface was inspired by a fashion which was popular during my first year; mixing girlie clothing with more fierce accessories, like studded bracelets. This was at a time when I needed a definite direction before starting a typeface, whereas now they all come from doodling.

The last image is a cupcake, because I like cupcakes.


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