Here is my Jay typeface – another part of my Animalphabet brief from last year, I spent quite a while creating these letters and using them in a variety of ways.

My mum’s favourite bird is a jay, and she’s got a stuffed one (right) which inspired me to create this typeface. I like the flash of bright blue contrasting with the soft brown feathers, and felt it could create an interesting start to some letterforms.

The basic shapes I’ve used to make the letters is taken from the soft curvature of feathers, with an upright stress to still convey the strength of a flying animal. The flashes of blue on each letter identify the typeface to a jay, rather than any other bird. Looking back now, I realise that idiosyncratic qualities like this need only be applied to a few chosen letters, rather than taking over the entire alphabet. I screenprinted this typeface onto a few different surfaces, including canvas bags.


4 thoughts on “Jay

    • Well what a lovely question to be asked! Unfortunately the answer is no at the moment because I’ve not actually turned it into a typeface yet, but I will let you know when I do! Thanks for looking at my blog (-:

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