In an earlier post, I told you about my Animalphabet project, creating typefaces inspired by different animals. I thought I’d share with you my Giraffe font, which took a couple of days to put together in my second year.

The first image is a very crude demonstration of where the concept came from, and concentrates a lot on the ascenders and descenders of the letters. I used to draw a lot of my fonts on graph paper, because I was scared of drawing letters freehand. This squared paper shows the essence of the typeface, and how the same shape can be used to formulate most of the letters. For example, you can see that I created the b, d, p and q out of the semi-circle shape on the left.

The final image is as far as I took this typeface. The outside of the letters are very geometric, while the counters are softened with rounded corners; this is similar to something I am currently working on. Although it’s not exactly an impressive piece of typography, this is the kind of thing I can look back on and see a small amount of potential in myself!


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