First Year Sketchbook

Here are a few random pages from my sketchbook in the first year, when I didn’t really know anything about typography, or that it was even a thing. The first, very yellow image was the second page in my first ever uni sketchbook – it’s interesting to look back and see that I’ve obviously always had a thing for Didone typefaces, despite not knowing they existed at this stage.

The second image was a quick experiment of getting rid of half of the letterform, and seeing if the letters are still identifiable. It is bizarre to think that two years after this quick drawing, I am reading about similar theories and techniques in Jost Hochuli’s ‘Detail in typography.’

The final two images are my first efforts at creating a font, inspired by John Banting’s ‘Adoration.’ I feel like this was an early attempt at a Didone typeface with statement ball terminals, which is what I am currently working on!


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